Founded in 2005, CORE Landscape began as a design-only landscape architecture firm with its primary client base consisting of residential builders and developers, focused on land-planning, site-planning, and amenity design. In 2008, shifting with the economic times, CORE redirected their pursuits to provide contemporary landscape design services to high-end residential clients. Through this strategic positioning as a leader in the modern residential market, CORE became recognized by major architecture and design firms throughout the Southeast.

In 2011, fueled by a desire to ensure the accurate translation of their designs from concept to completion, CORE Landscape added installation and landscape construction to its scope of services, assuring a seamless client experience from start to finish while keeping clear communication between the design and the construction crews.

After years of collaboration and several successful projects, CORE Landscape became a division of ASD|SKY ( in 2017. CORE Landscape offers design, installation as well as commercial landscape maintenance and has the ability to work independently from ASD|SKY to collaborate with other design firms on residential and commercial projects. CORE Landscape takes a holistic approach to design, a philosophy shared by ASD|SKY.

Why We Do It

Every successful project begins with a detailed design process, allowing for well-thought out solutions, accurate pricing and clear expectations during the construction phase. We stay involved through all aspects of the construction phase, from permitting to the final punch list. Our team of experienced designers, crew members and subcontractors strive for quality, clear communication, and a high-level of execution on all projects regardless of scope.